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Years of

Janvier KENGNE

Expert in natural and industrial risk assessment

Cameroonian entrepreneur who was 41 years old in 2021, Janvier KENGNE is the new face of collaborative development in Cameroon and Africa. He comes with an innovative concept whose goal is to support projects through financing in Africa, in order to boost its development. Its areas of expertise are agronomy and environmental economics.

He also advocates values such as equity, respect for human dignity, transparency and a collaborative and participatory spirit.

To date, the founder of KSE Group has accompanied a great number of projects in the mining, agro-industrial, petroleum, urban planning and development fields in various African countries such as Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco and Mauritius.

His History

Born in 1980, Janvier KENGNE is passionate of entrepreneurship and everything that is related to the development of Africa. It is only at the age of 23 years old, that is to say in 2003, that he now makes his first steps in the environmental sector, through a project of sorting and recycling of waste. Having acquired a solid experience during his career, inhabited by a feeling of devotion and especially thanks to his good knowledge of Africa and its needs, Janvier KENGNE sets up KSE Group.
Far from being calm and serene, his journey is inspiring.

Janvier KENGNE
Janvier KENGNE
Janvier KENGNE
Janvier KENGNE