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KSE Mining

KSE Mining/ mining and oil works Africa in miniature, Cameroon has great potential. Its subsoil and soil are extremely rich (oil, minerals and precious stones), offering entrepreneurs and investors many opportunities. On the other hand, a West African country like Guinea also has a very rich subsoil. According to the latest estimates, the depths of the country contain the world’s largest reserve of bauxite, estimated at 40 billion tonnes, and more than 20 billion tonnes of iron ore, gold, diamonds and as yet untold quantities of uranium. In fact, mining and petroleum exploitation naturally represent one of the main activities of the KSE Group, as it is a promising sector. KSE Mining therefore aims to develop the mining sector in a fair manner, using state-of-the-art tools and proven expertise, so that the revenues from the mining sector are shared between investors and the local population. In addition, KSE Mining wants to develop an integrated system of mine management and development, including the establishment of safeguarding tools, mine certification and, above all, project financing. KSE Mining’s experts are also working to set up many more mines under the umbrella of African states and foreign investors willing to work for the development of mining in Africa. With a vision of perfectionism and innovation, KSE Group has called on the most competent and experienced profiles in the field. We have already obtained offtake (or approvals) from many African governments to develop and optimise mining activity in their various countries.